Description of the cybersex practice

In the population, research related to sexuality (e.g., pornography) is among the most frequent on the Internet.1 The diversity of the offer, its plethora, its free content for most of the content offered, its rapid and continuous accessibility 24 hours a day and the impression it offers the user to be anonymous behind the screen contribute to this success.

Live sex chat. This term refers to the use of the internet for sexual reasons. Behind this term, we identify a myriad of very different behaviors in terms of the practices, experiences and interactions they involve (for example, solitary or group viewing of pornography, webcams, chats, dating sites or applications, video games or virtual reality oriented on sexuality…). These activities may be related to a search for sexual arousal alone or with partners or not (for example, seeking information about sexuality).

In addition to these differences, these uses of Live sex chats with webcam girls are probably quite varied in terms of their maintenance factors (positive reinforcements by sexual gratification, and arousal, reinforcements of a social nature, or related to the relief of negative affects such as anxiety or anger…). 2 Moderate use of could promote and stimulate communication and sexual interaction between partners and improve knowledge about an individual’s sexuality.

It appears that a small fraction of users may have addictive conduct.4,5 However, the percentage of people involved is not clearly established. One reason is that there is no consensus on a definition and evaluation or measure of sexual addictions in general and addiction in particular.6 The scientific field of human sexuality and in particular that of a possible sexual addiction clinic has long suffered from moral considerations (for example, setting a standard for sexuality in terms of practice or frequency) , delaying the emergence of appropriate measures and definitions.

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