Are you thinking about getting a TPE sex doll but aren’t sure what it entails? TPE dolls, which are frequently less costly and have a different feel than silicone, are a good option, but they require special preparation and care. Owners who aren’t well-informed often make costly blunders that cause their TPE dolls to deteriorate prematurely.

Before we get into the intricacies, it’s important to have a broad understanding of realistic sex doll.

What Is TPE?

A thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer. Because it’s essentially a blend of various polymers, there are a lot of subtle differences. TPE gets constructed by combining these thermoplastic polymers with rubber, which gives the combination its elasticity and bounciness.

TPE has grown in popularity outside the sex doll industry, now utilised to make various products like handles, cosmetic cases, and shoe bottoms. Creators employ injection moulding techniques with TPE, but it has a flexible, rubber-like consistency, which is one of the reasons for its appeal. This manufacturing technology is highly cost-effective, producing high-quality items at cheaper costs.

Because of the low price, many people believe TPE dolls are of poor quality. That’s not the case; the disadvantages are greater upkeep, not the construction itself. TPE dolls have an excellent feel, sometimes even softer than silicone.

TPE has the following main characteristics:

  • Recyclable
  • Flexible
  • Soft
  • Malleable
  • Slip-resistant

TPE Sex Dolls: Maintenance

It’s critical to learn all of the processes involved in TPE doll maintenance and care before you buy one. The extra time necessary to acquire a TPE model is a deterrent for some. Others find that the showering and powdering procedures add to the closeness.


The “new TPE scent,” unlike that of a new car, is not especially pleasant. You should have a shower or bath with your doll when you first get her (and then regularly after that).

Few Tips To Follow:

  • When bathing TPE dolls, avoid using hot water since it will harm the skin and trigger the release of important oils.
  • The presence of water within a TPE doll indicates the presence of corrosion, mould, or other deterioration. Before washing, make sure to unscrew the head and cover the head.
  • Do not submerge your TPE doll’s head in water, as doll hair and cosmetics should not get wet.
  • Remember that TPE dolls are heavy, and softer skin combined with gravity in the shower might damage feet. When showering your doll, make sure you have a towel or another smooth surface below her.
  • Wash your sex doll carefully with an antibacterial soap that is odourless and gentle. Using a soft cloth, gently dry your doll.
  • Even if you don’t have sex, it’s best to shower your sex doll once or twice a month.

Skin Treatment For TPE Sex Doll

After thoroughly drying your doll, it’s time to treat her skin. There are only three fundamental stages, each of which is quite simple:

TPE dolls must be rubbed and oiled regularly to maintain the integrity and quality of their skin. They will dry out otherwise. Choose an oil containing liquid paraffin, also known as paraffinum liquidum, for TPE dolls.


  • Vaseline – Stressed regions, such as elbows, armpits, inner thighs, around the breasts, and anal and vaginal canals, require particular attention. Allow drying overnight after liberally applying Vaseline.
  • TPE skin is usually a little sticky, so it gathers wig hair and lint. Use baby powder or cornstarch to counteract this. Apply baby powder all over her to avoid this.
  • Pat and massage it in, and the difference will be immediately apparent. You may also use a cosmetics brush to apply it. Though your doll’s skin will feel unique to the touch after this process, it will also make the skin last much longer.
  • Oiling your sex doll, unlike bathing it, should be done no more than once a month. Powder the TPE Sex doll as often as desired by the owner.

Cleaning Your TPE Sex Doll After Use

You must wipe out the cavity you used after having sex with your doll. Remember to clean the anal and vaginal holes by soaping, rinsing, and drying them.

Things To Consider Before Buying a TPE Sex Doll

  • Price

Consider the pricing before ordering your TPE doll. If you don’t have a lot of money and aren’t sure if these dolls are suitable for you, you’ll probably have to go with the cheapest option. It’s important to keep in mind that a TPE doll may endure for years, so it’s ideal for saving up until you can purchase the model you truly want. Here’s where you can learn more about sex doll prices.

  • Weight

Make sure the weight of your doll is tolerable before you buy it. Carrying an actual individual weighing 50 or 60 kg (130 lbs), but lifting a sex doll weighing 30 kg (70 lbs) might be a challenge. That’s because lifting living weight differs significantly from lifting dead weight. When you hold a human being, they will naturally assist you by changing their bodies to carry them. That’s something a doll can’t do.

Lifting and carrying your TPE doll will take some time to get used to; you’ll discover a style that works for you with experience, but the sheer weight of the doll will likely startle you at first. The deadweight is one of the least welcome revelations for many individuals who acquire sex dolls for the first time.

Before ordering a TPE doll, read the manufacturer’s website to see how heavy it is and try lifting something comparable. You’ll need to acquire a sense of how deadweight feels and whether or not you’ll be able to move it about comfortably.

  • Delivery

You should be present to sign for your doll when it comes. Dolls usually get delivered in a big box or carton. Some potential buyers request that the delivery company hold the shipment for them to pick it up at their leisure – a simple way to avoid nosy neighbours.

If you take this route, make sure you have the exact specifications of the doll’s shipping box from the doll provider. Then, measure your car’s rear seat or trunk. These items may be heavy and difficult to manage on your own, so prepare ahead of time — this is one box you don’t want to drop.

Wrapping Up!

To ensure that your TPE doll is flawless, find a seller willing to go above and beyond. Because there are so many possibilities, most suppliers will not show you all of them. These options might be detailed, such as adding colour to the vagina or nipples, or they can be broad, such as beauty marks. Before ordering your TPE doll, consider all of the options and extra features, and contact your dealer directly with any queries.

Purchasing from a fraudulent site almost always results in dissatisfied owners. You’ll wind up with cheap imitation dolls that fall apart soon, a different sort of doll entirely, or, worst of all, nothing at all. You’ve been given fair warning!

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